The website (hereinafter – the "Site") pays great attention to preserve confidentiality of the information provided by our users, and makes considerable effort to protect and store it safely and confidentially.
The Site adheres to the principles of confidentiality in accordance with the requirements of the Russian legislation and ethical standards.
The Site is able to collect, store, process, use and distribute information in order to provide users with the necessary services.
The Site is entitled to send newsletters about promotions, sales and other promo events.

This privacy policy (hereinafter - the "Policy") extends to all the information received from a user during the use of the Site. The Policy shall not be applied to the information that became public for reasons beyond the Site’s control, was obtained from third parties, or was at the Site’s disposal before the user started to use the Site.
The Site provides access to confidential information only to the employees directly using such information for services provision to the user.
The Site can provide access to personal information about the Site’s users in case if the user gave consent to the Site for such actions, or if it’s required by the law and (or) by government authorities in accordance with the Russian legislation.
In case one or more provisions of this Policy are for any reason void and invalid, such invalidity shall not affect the validity of any other provision of the Policy, and the Policy shall be construed as if there is no such invalid position.
Relations between the parties, which are not regulated by this Policy, shall be regulated by the applicable Russian legislation.
In case of any dispute and (or) disagreement over the terms of this Policy, the Parties shall resolve it by way of negotiations.

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Getting the first VIP level:
Add to your Steam nickname
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The next verification of the nickname will be available after that period.
The first VIP level privileges
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VIP cases
Now you have the opportunity to open 3 cases twice a day. The higher the price of the case, the greater the variance of winning. Red case is for experienced players with very cheap and very expensive items inside. Open it carefully: at your own risk.