All the services on shall be paid by account balance refill. The service selected by the user is reserved for a certain period of time, which allows the user to pay for the purchase or continue selection of services.
For all the services is valid instant payment and automatic delivery.
The services have detailed description and explicit names.
The buyer shall be sensible and reasonable regarding his actions.
In case of any failure in terms of payment and/or delivery of the services, please contact the technical support of

Join The VIP
Getting the first VIP level:
Add to your Steam nickname
If you change your Steam nickname, all your privileges will be removed for a week.
The next verification of the nickname will be available after that period.
The first VIP level privileges
Access to hidden cases
VIP Support
1 minute response time
VIP cases Info
x 5
x 3
x 2
VIP cases
Now you have the opportunity to open 3 cases twice a day. The higher the price of the case, the greater the variance of winning. Red case is for experienced players with very cheap and very expensive items inside. Open it carefully: at your own risk.